Why, hello there.

My name is Sarah Flanagan and I am a writer. Since I can remember there have been two things in life that I have loved. Writing and reading. Both of these things go hand and hand and it is hard to see one without the other.

1422390_10202466893250923_50253555_nWriting is a passion that I enjoy because it allows me to free myself from the stress of normal life and forget for just a while about everything else that is going on. Reading is something that not only allows my mind to be engulfed by amazing creations of authors but helps me become a better writer. Knowing how much I love both of these things I decided to combine the two and create a blog that can allow me to express my love for books by writing about them.

For the past few years I have been working towards bettering my writing skill so that I can become a better writer. In 2013 I began a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Victoria University, and completed it in 2015. In 2016 I began a Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing which will continue until the end of 2017.

I am the youngest of four children, I have a sister, and two brothers. I was born in South Australia (Australia) and moved to Victoria (Australia) when I was six. I attend a Christian church every Sunday with my family; some weeks I sing with the church worship band and other weeks I help out on the computer desk. 

My future lifetime goal is to be remembered as a author who inspired many to read and write. I want my works to be remembered and hopefully one day thought of as classics. It’s a big dream but it will be one that I never stop fighting for.


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