Book to Movie Adaptations

So many great books have been turned into movies. Some have succeeded and some have failed. These are my top five book to move adaptations. (No TV shows will be included, I am saving that for another post.)

Harry Potter Series by J. K. ROWLING

Harry01englishEveryone knows of the Harry Potter series written by J. K Rowling. It is one of the best selling series of this current generation and is loved by children, teenagers, and adults alike. The books were a thrilling series filled with magic and wonder, and there are so many characters that are loved. My favourite two characters being Severus Snape and Sirius Black. The movies were just as great and brought these amazing creations to life. Seeing the Harry Potter world on the screen was something magical and I love sitting down with my dad and my sister to watch them again and again.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. LEWIS

11127The Chronicles of Narnia collection was the first ever book series that I bought with my own money. It is now old and falling to pieces but it is my most treasured book. The series is also one of my all times favourites and I will never get sick of reading them. The movies weren’t as successful though. The first movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, was a great movie. Fans of the series enjoyed the first movie and it received good ratings. The two following movies, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, weren’t so well received. Sadly I don’t think there will be any more of the series made into movies. It is sad because they have such great potential.

Pride and Prejudice by JANE AUSTEN

PridePrejudice423x630Pride and Prejudice is known as a classic and there have been multiple adaptations to this beloved book.There is a BBC TV series, the 2005 movie staring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen, there is a YouTube series called the ‘Lizzy Bennett Diaries’ and now there is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There are so many different people’s takes on the amazing book. The 2005 movie is one of my favourites though. So many people dislike the movie saying that its a horrible adaptation. However, in my defence, for loving this movie, I watched the movie before I read the book. The movie was one I use to watch almost weekly. I loved Keria Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen and couldn’t imagine them any other way. The other adaptations are amazing as well.


The Shining by STEPHEN KING

11588If you have never read the Shining then go and read this amazing book. It is another one of Stephen Kings amazingly written novels that every should read and the movie is just as amazing. I have only seen the movie twice but would love to watch it again and again if I had the time. It is filled with an amazing thrill and can’t help but come addicted and who can forget the line “Here’s Johnny!”







Divergent Series by VERONICA ROTH

Divergent_(book)_by_Veronica_Roth_US_Hardcover_2011Another of one my favourite series, the Divergent trilogy is filled with an amazing world and characters to love. With the final book coming out in cinemas this year there is every possibility that the final movie will seal the deal and all three movies will be just as good as the books.







They are some of my favourites and if you haven’t read these books or watched the movies then please do so. They are simply fantastic.


Top 5 Books You Should Read If You Haven’t Already

Normally on a Tuesday I post a book review. And today’s review was meant to be the current Stephen King book that I am reading, however, I haven’t had the chance to finish reading the novel so I came up with this little idea instead.

Not everyone buys a book to read just because it is new. I am constantly finding books that I have never even heard of and they were published years ago. So I decided I am going to give you my top five recommendations. These are the books I think you should read if you haven’t read them already. So here we go.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab


Goodreads Average Rating: 4.04 out of 5

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Alternative Dimensions

Published: 24 February, 2015

‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ in the first installment of V. E. Schwab’s series. The story follows Kell, who is a rare magician who has the ability to travel between worlds, and Delilah, who is a thief. These two characters are thrown together after Delilah steals from him and then also save him from a dangerous enemy.

The overall story is a thrilling read and never gets boring. Excitement lays over every page and the characters are hard not to love.

‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ was my favourite book of 2015, and the sequel ‘ A Gathering of Shadows’ came out earlier this year.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

23569524Goodreads Average Rating: 4.31 out of 5

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopia, High Fantasy, Romance

Published: 28 April, 2015

‘An Ember in the Ashes’ follows two points of views. Going back and forth between Laia who is a slave and has her whole life turned upside down, and Elias who is a soldier and has been trained to be one since he was a child. Both of them want to be free, but both of them are stuck.

The first book is Sabaa Tahir’s series, ‘An Ember in the Ashes’ is a thrilling journey for these two main characters. The whole book is addicting and with every page I wanted more and more, and when it ended I just wanted to cry. There are no boring sections in this book, it is fantastic from start to finish.

Horns by Joe Hill

6587879Goodreads Average Rating: 3.91 out of 5

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Published: 1 March, 2009

With a name like Ignatius Perrish and a pair of horns growing from a head, I couldn’t really tell what this story was going to be about. But by the end I was amazed. Joe Hill, did an amazing job creating this story about Ignatius, or as he is called Ig, who wakes up one morning with horns growing from his head. You quickly learn that Ig’s long time girlfriend has been murdered and the whole town believes that Ig is guilty, but he didn’t do it.

From beginning to end the story is interguing and keeps you wanting to read. The only thing that disappointed me were the last few pages. I feel the ending pushed the story too far. But ignoring that small section the story is fantastic.

If you have seen the movie, which starred Daniel Radcliff and you didn’t enjoy it, well ignore the movie and pick this book up. It is just amazing.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

1656001Goodreads Average Rating: 3.84 out of 5

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure

Published: 6 May, 2006

From the author who brought the world ‘Twilight’ comes a story that it completely different. There are no sparkling vampires or hunky werewolves, instead there is a thrilling story about a human, Melody, and an alien that takes over her body, Wanderer.

Stephanie Meyer brings a new life to her writing with a Science Fiction story that has friendship, family and romance, along with action and fighting for survival. Personally I think that the host is a better story that the ‘Twilight’ series. ‘The Host’ is thrilling, and interesting and not a boring read. The movie isn’t bad either. If you didn’t like ‘Twilight’ then do not fear because this book is nothing like it. In fact the two different stories didn’t feel like the same author.

The Book of You by Claire Kendal

24516182Goodreads Average Rating: 3.59 out of 5

Genre: Fiction, Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Suspense, Contemporary

Published:  1 January, 2015

This breathtaking story follows Clarissa as she becomes more paranoid that someone is stalking her. At the beginning of the story Clarissa is selected for jury duty and she can’t help but feel that it is a safe haven from her stalker. She becomes more unnerved though when she recognises parallels between her life the story of the trails victim.

The story is a great read and keeps you on your toes. It isn’t the type of book I would read alone in your house, or on the train at night. Through some part of the story it almost felt like I was Clarissa. I was pulled so far into her story that I felt like I was being stalked. (I didn’t become paranoid though.)

The story also holds romance and betrayal, as well as friendship and mystery. It is an overall great story line that brought me back to the world of mysteries.

I hope you all have had a chance to read these amazing novels. These are some of my favourites. They are all amazing in their own way.

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray

Goodreads Average Rating: 4.18 out of 5

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Alternative Universe, Dystopia

 ‘The first time I traveled to another dimension, I intended to take a life. Now I’m trying to save one. But I can’t do that unless I save myself. At the moment, I’m running through the winding streets of a near-medieval Rome, trying not to get burned at the stake.’

– Ten Thousand Skies Above You, Claudia Gray – Chapter 1


Ten Thousand Skies Above You is the second book in the Firebird series by Claudia Gray. The story follows Marguerite Caine as she uses a device, called the Firebird, created by her parents to travel between alternative universes.

The sequel picks up not long after the end of the first installment, and trouble is just over the horizon. Marguerite is on a mission to save the man she loves after his soul was broken and put into multiple versions of himself. To save the man she loves Marguerite is torn between saving the man she loves and possibly ruining the lives of her family in other dimensions.

Reading the sequel straight after the first novel is one of the best feelings a reader can have. You don’t spend ages wanting to read the next one but you are unable to do so. However, now I have to wait until November until the third installment is released. And another great thing is when the sequel doesn’t let down your expectations from the first one. The story plot was interesting and I was excited to what would happen next, this series – so far – is a page turner. The characters were great and it was good to see them grow and see them experience new challenges to overcome.

Claudia Gray has done a wonderful job of creating new and exciting worlds to visit in the story and the small changes she makes were surprising but good. Not once did I get bored of reading this wonderful story and I am extremely excited for the third book.

This is defiantly a series that many people will enjoy.

Other Books in the Firebird Series:
– A Thousand Pieces of You – Book 1
– A Million Worlds With You – Book 3 (releases on 1 November, 2016)

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.95 out of 5

Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Alternate Universe

‘My hand shakes as I brace myself against the brick wall. Rain falls cold and sharp against my skin, from a sky I’ve never seen before. It’s hard to catch my breath, to get any sense of where I am. All I know is that the Firebird worked. It hangs around my neck, still glowing with the heat of the journey.’

– Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You – Chapter 1


A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray Book CoverA Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray is the first book in the ‘Firebird’ series. The story follows Marguerite Caine who hunts the man that she believes is responsible for killing her father. Using a device, created by her parents, called the Firebird; Marguerite jumps into multiple alternative universes to chase her father’s murderer down. However, the truth is fair from what she expected.

The one thing that attracted my eye to this novel was the amazing cover design. The colours and image just screamed at me to pick it up off the shelf. I am so glad that I did.

From the beginning Claudia Gray kept me in the story. We jump straight in to Marguerite’s story and I spent the whole novel waiting to see what would happen. The characters in the novel kept me interested and intrigued, and they all felt real. One of the best things for me is to read a book and feel like the characters are real people. Claudia Gray did it well in this story.

The storyline was a quick and easy read, I didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the story and there was no confusion. The story didn’t fall flat and there was always something that would happen that you didn’t expect. It is a story that keeps you guessing what will happen next.

I loved the overall settings that the story took place in, an advanced futuristic London and an not so advanced past Russia. Even though these types of places are miles apart they fit together well.

One of my favourite things throughout the story was Marguerite’s love for her family, friends and romantic interest. There was never any part in the story where Marguerite would seem to forget them or be too interested in doing something else, everyone she cares for is constantly on her mind. It made her out to be such a loveable character, to me, that you can’t help but cheer for her to succeed.

I am so excited to jump right into the sequel, Ten Thousand Skies Above You, and see what will happen next.

Other Books in the Firebird Series:
– Ten Thousand Skies Above You – Book 2
– A Million Worlds With You – Book 3 (releases on 1 November, 2016)


Who’s Afraid by Maria Lewis

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.83 out of 5

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Shapeshifters

“I wasn’t sure how long I’d been running for or how much land I’d covered. When I felt the ground start to rise slowly uphill I knew it was a good sign. I was moving forward and not in circles. It was about the only thing that had gone right for me so far. The second I thought that, a red-hot stabbing pain burned along my spine. I yelled out and fell to my knees.”

– Who’s Afraid by Maria Lewis – Prologue

Book cover for a novel by Maria Lewis called Who's AfraidWho’s Afraid by Maria Lewis follows the story of Tommi, a young woman who has recently lost her mother and violently discovers her birthright as the world’s most powerful werewolf. The beginning of a new series is full of characters you will come to love.

This book was another birthday present this year from my sister. Compared to After She’s Gone by Lisa Jackson, this book liked right up my alley. The front cover, to me, screamed supernatural badassery and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

The story is a smooth flowing and a very quick and easy read. The main character Tommi kept me interested from the very first pages and the more I learned about her the more I wanted to follow her. She is a unique character who is hard to forget with her bright blue hair and her strong will.

The overall story kept me waiting for what would happen next and anticipation was building up inside. I kept guessing when certain things would happen, since I like predicting how a story will go, but was completely surprised when I got it wrong. And the way the story ended shocked me completely, I didn’t at all expect it to end up like that.

There wasn’t really anything in the story that disappointed me, nothing I can complain about. It was a fun and interesting read that made me want more when it ended. Anyone who loves a good paranormal, or shifter, action packed romance story is in for a treat when they read this.

The sequel is due for released on the 17 January, 2017.